Youth Group

Throughout the year we have a variety of ministries and activities specifically for our teens.


Sunday Evenings during the school year is the 411 Experience. It’s a night where we can enjoy hanging out, playing games and having small group time where youth can openly discuss their faith and life application with their peers and an adult facilitator. Our goal is to help our youth develop a “faith of their own”.

Monday Missions

Our teens don’t sit idle during summer vacation. Monday Missions is an event that’s all about serving others as an expression of God’s love toward them. It is an opportunity to put “Monday feet” to Sunday’s words, and change our community through small acts of kindness. See pictures from some of our past missions.

We also take time to have some fun!

Our youth group regularly gets together for fun activities and events that are specifically geared toward growing them in their relationship with Christ and with each other.

If you have any questions or need more information on any youth group activity, contact our Youth Ministry Leader.


Ice Skating

Corn Maize