Sermon Archive

It’s a Wonderful Life Series
What if Jesus had never been born?

While-U-Wait Series
Lessons from Thessalonica. Standing firm in uncertain times.

Jesus 101 Series
WHO is Jesus and HOW is He different from all the others?

The Dirty Dozen Series
What it really means to “follow Jesus”.

Passing the Baton Series
Trusting God in Times of Transition.

The Crown Season 2: When Godly People Do Ungodly Things Series
Navigating our journey of faith and failure.

Becoming Lion and Lamb People in a Donkey and Elephant World Series
In light of the recent elections and all of the events that have and will follow, what does it mean to be “IN the world” but not “OF the world”?

The Thrill of Hope Series
Hope is a “who.” Hope has a name. His name is Jesus.

Knowledge of the Holy Series
“What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.” – A.W. Tozer

Life is Hard – God is Good Series
Exploring the Book of Job to discover the fellowship of His suffering.

Heaven Help Us Series
Remember that great song, Message in a Bottle, by the Police? They tell us they’re “sending out an SOS, sending out an SOS, sending out an SOS, I hope that someone gets my message in a bottle”. Even Sting knows that rescue is impossible, unless there is a Rescuer. A Rescuer, who can make the impossible possible. That’s what Jesus does. John’s Gospel gives us 7 specific examples of the miraculous power of Jesus to transform great obstacles into great opportunities.

Fear<Less Series
Learning to live with less fear and more faith.

The Crown Series
The true story of how a nobody became a somebody that anybody could be.

Advent Series
What (or Who) are we waiting for?

Short Stories Series
Earthly stories with heavenly meaning.

Pray Like Jesus Series
When Jesus taught a Master Class on prayer.

#Blessed Series
Life in the upside-down Kingdom.

Stranger in a Strange Land Series
Life lessons from Daniel.

Greater Series
He has no rival. He has no equal. Now and forever our God reigns. Yours is the Kingdom. Yours is the glory. Yours is the Name above all names.

Deeper Series
Getting out of the shallows and into the deeper waters of prayer, silence and solitude.

Our Christmas Playlist Series
I love songs about the North Pole, bells that jingle and Christmas hippopotamuses. But my favorites songs are all about Jesus and the Peace, Hope and Love that He alone can bring.

Exodus Series – Part 1
He draws us out – so He can draw us in.

Embedded Series
Embedded. Implanted. Ingrained. Immersed. Attached. This was the strategy of Jesus. This was the strategy of the early church. This is our strategy too.

Miscellaneous Sermons
Stand-alone sermons and selected sermons by guest speakers.