Adult Small Groups

What are Small Groups?

At Rolling Hills, Small Groups are not a program of the church, they are the church.

Small Groups are a place to BE.

A place to be safe. A place where you don’t need to look good or keep up a good social or spiritual image. They are a place where you can be yourself. A place where you can try something new, without being rejected for what you say or do. If you are normally the extrovert and conversation manager, you can sit back, relax and watch what happens. If you are normally an introvert and rather let others talk, you may want to step out of your comfort zone and initiate a topic of conversation or something that you normally wouldn’t share with others. This is a place where you don’t have to be a spiritual hero or Biblical scholar. Come as you are, whether you feel spiritual or not!

Small Groups are a place to DO

A place to encourage each other, to minister to one another or reach out together to the community. It is not just the leader’s job to encourage, provide answers or to pray for you. God has gifted each one of us with spiritual gifts. Maybe you don’t know what your gifts are. This is a place to experiment and find out. It is a place to learn to minister to one another, bless each other, and affirm each other.

Our Small Groups meet weekly in locations around the community.  Listed below are the groups currently meeting. For more detailed information on the group, contact information, or to sign up for a Small Group, feel free to contact our Small Group Coordinator.


Day of Week


Adult 1 Tuesday evenings Senoia
Adult 2 Wednesday evenings Peachtree City
Adult 3 Wednesday evenings Inman
Adult 4 Bi-weekly on Saturday evening Fayetteville
Millennials Sunday evenings Fayetteville
Men’s Power Lunch Every other Monday morning Fayetteville
Ladies Bible Study Thursday mornings Fayetteville