Welcome to Rolling Hills

People often ask, ``so...where exactly is your church?``

pastorfrankMy answer is “we’re everywhere”. Our church is not an institution; it’s a missional movement serving in the city square, under the bridge, over the border and on the far side of the tracks. Our church is in the classroom, in the boardroom and in your living room. Wherever there is a need, that is where we want to be.

Yes, we gather at the NCG Cinema at Fischer Crossings on Sundays at 9:30 am, but we don’t believe that church is a place…we believe that it is a community of people who are devoted to serving Jesus by serving others. During the week we meet in small groups in people’s homes, sharing life and growing relationally and spiritually.

Do you want to change the world? So do we. In fact, we’re so passionate about it that we sold our 20 acre campus and relocated to a movie theater so that we could be more embedded in our community.

Please take the time to explore our site and discover more about our missional journey. Who knows…maybe it’ll become your journey too!


What to Expect

Whether you are new to Rolling Hills or you’ve been here a hundred times, Rolling Hills is a place where you can meet people, get connected, and build authentic relationships with God and each other.

How do I get there?

Rolling Hills Baptist Church worships at the NCG Cinema at Fischer Crossings, located at 55 Fischer Crossings Blvd (intersection of GA-34 and GA-54), in Sharpsburg, GA. Visit our Times & Directions page for directions.

What should I wear?

Come as you are. You will see all types of dress. Wear something you are comfortable in; just be yourself.

Where do I park?

There is plenty of free parking in front of the theater. Enter through the main theater lobby.

What can I expect inside?

Expect to find a warm and inviting environment; full of friendly people who want you to feel comfortable and free to worship our great GOD. Expect to hear great music and a Biblical message that is intended to offer help and hope for everyday life.

What’s available for kids?

Both children and adults learn and worship in unique and different ways, so our Main Worship Service in Auditorium 1 is geared to youth, college students, single and married adults. But Kidz Corner, held in a separate auditorium, is a special ministry geared to the particular needs of preschoolers and elementary-age children (birth through 5th grade). Click here for more information on our children’s ministry.

Please know that it is our priority to offer a safe and secure place for your child. Measures are in place to assure that children are not at risk and are properly matched with their parents when picked up.

What’s the music like?

Our worship songs are mostly recent songs by artists like Charlie Hall, David Crowder Band, and Chris Tomlin, along with some traditional songs done in new ways. Feel free to lift your voice, clap your hands, and move your feet in expressive worship to GOD.

Will I be asked to give money?

Offerings are not required, but given as an act of worship for attendees who call Rolling Hills their home. If you are a guest, do not feel obligated to contribute. If you choose to give, simply utilize the popcorn buckets passed during the service.

Will I be contacted after the service?

If you give us your contact information, we will call or email to see if there are any questions we can answer or opportunities to pray for, or otherwise serve your family.