Trike to Tractor Series

Trike to Tractor

Five years ago, our church embarked on a missional journey that has allowed us to make a profound difference in our community and around the world. Even so, we are still adjusting to our new identity and learning what it means to be a family of followers that seeks to serve Jesus by serving others. Join us as we transition from “trike to tractor”!

Plowing in the Field of Dreams
Date: 5-24-15
In this last message in our “Trike to Tractor” series we hear how the plow is analogous to service or missions in the church and is the “working” part of the tractor.

Social Networking
Date: 5-24-15
Acts 2:42 talks about the importance of teaching and fellowship in a small group setting and why it is so important to the New Testament Church.

The Gathering
Date: 5-17-15
In the tractor analogy we have been using to study the New Testament church described in Acts we learn how worship provides traction to the church.

The Synergy Crisis
Date: 5-3-15
Fellowship is key to being part of the New Testament church.

Where is Your Chair?
Date: 5-3-15
We continue to learn about fueling missional church through daily prayer.

Date: 4-26-15
In the quest to be a missional church and move from trike to tractor, we must fuel the tractor through Bible study and prayer.

Date: 4-19-15
When Jesus ascended into heaven he did not leave the believers stranded but they were empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Getting the Cart Behind the Horse 
Date: 4-12-15
Using the analogy of a tractor we hear why it’s important for a church to have a missional focus.