Prayer Dare Series

Prayer Dare

In this short series on prayer we’ll learn how to pray by studying an example from Jesus – The Lord’s Prayer.

Will You Be Bored in Heaven?
Date: 9-6-15
In today’s sermon, we hear what worship in Heaven will be like.

Fire and Rain
Date: 8-16-15
Description: God hears the prayers of Elijah and sends rain on a drought-stricken land.

A Tale of Two Churches
Date: 8-16-15
Description: Pastor Frank tells the story of Elijah challenging the false prophets of Baal and contrasts Baal, the false god, with Jehovah, the true God, who produced results.

Everybody’s Got a Hungry Heart
Date: 8-9-15
Description: Pastor Frank talks about why we worship and how to make ourselves hungry for God.

There’s an App for That
Date: 7-26-15
Description: The Bible has more applications than your smartphone. Today we learn about applying to our lives what we read in the Bible.

Date: 7-19-15
We learn how to study the Bible using the acronym S.O.A.P.

The List

Date: 6-28-15

Using the Lord’s Prayer as a blueprint we learn how we should ask God to provide for our needs.

My Way or the Higher Way
Date: 6-21-15
Pastor Frank relates the shootings in Charleston to the Lord’s Prayer.

My Way vs. God’s Way
Date: 6-14-15
Today we look at the Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6 as an example of how we should pray.

First Things First

Date: 6-7-15

Today we begin a new series on the importance of prayer in our spiritual lives.