Our Missional Journal

Mar 2011

Kelly is a single Mom who is in a pretty desperate state. She lives with her oldest daughter, and is in the midst of a custody battle over her younger daughter. The legal battle has cost her a fortune, but she is beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel.

Although she works full time to try and make ends meet, her legal fees have caused her to fall behind on rent and utilities, to the point where she has been served with an eviction notice and a power disconnect notice if she doesn’t meet her obligations within the next few days. To make matters worse, if she loses her home or defaults on her power bill, it could put her custody battle in jeopardy. Rolling Hills was able to help by paying the balance of both her rent and power bill.

Mar 2011

Patricia is a single mom of 2 kids who has been working for a local transportation company. Lately, the owner of the company has either been unable or unwilling to pay his employees despite his promises to do so. As a result, Patricia has been unable to keep up with her rent and was facing eviction.

Fortunately, Patricia found another job that will promise a steady, reliable income, but she will not receive her first paycheck for another several weeks. In addition, Patricia’s landlord agreed to waive her late fees and terminate eviction actions if she received any contribution toward Patricia’s balance.

The Real Life Center and Rolling Hills teamed up to pay the majority of Patricia’s overdue rent.

Mar 2011

Malissie and her husband have been struggling to make ends meet, having to pay basic bills with their credit card to keep up. To make matters worse, her husband is recovering from a recent kidney transplant.

Despite their best efforts, and assistance from Fayette Samaritans and their church, Malissie found herself in a situation where her power was going to be disconnected if she didn’t pay the balance of her overdue bill. Fayette Samaritans and Rolling Hills teamed up to pay the balance to keep the power on.

Feb 2011

James is a sweet man who was struggling to make ends meet, but doing his best to get by. However, when a family member became homeless, James stepped up to provide for him, even though he was struggling himself. Unfortunately, this same family member stole James’ bank card and drained his account of funds. As a result, James fell behind on his rent and utility bills.

James recently got a second job which will help in the long term, but it wasn’t enough to overcome his past due amounts. His utilities were about to be disconnected, and his landlord had initiated eviction proceedings. The Real Life Center and Rolling Hills teamed up to pay the balance of James’ rent and utility bill, saving him from eviction and giving him a much needed boost out of financial trouble.

Feb 2011

The Youth Group, along with several adults, spent the afternoon with the kids at the GA Baptist Children’s Home, playing board games, shooting baskets, and eating popcorn. It’s always a lot of fun seeing and spending time with the kids, and we pray that they get as much love and enjoyment from us as we do from them.

If you haven’t visited the GA Baptist Children’s Home yet, join us on our next trip – you won’t regret it!

Feb 2011

Amanda is a single mother of two boys (12 and 15 years old) who works two part-time jobs to support her family. She lost her full time job about a year ago due to downsizing and has been looking for full-time employment since; working diligently and proactively to limit her expenses.

Despite her best efforts, she is unable to make her rent payment this month. However, we believe that she is one of those people that if she can just make it over this current hurdle, she will be able to make it on her own. Thanks to resources GOD has provided us, Rolling Hills was able to meet this need for her.

Jan 2011

Thomas is a 61 year old Army veteran who honorably served this country through 4 tours of duty in Vietnam. Several months ago he was the victim of a brutal home invasion, suffering serious head, back, and leg injuries that left him disabled and unable to perform his over-the-road truck driving job. He has no transportation and lives alone, having lost wife to cancer several years ago.

As a result of his disability, Thomas has fallen way behind on his rent. He has received help from Fayette Samaritans and the Real Life Center, and just this month finally started receiving assistance from the VA, but he is still very much behind on rent. Fortunately, Thomas’ landlord has been very accommodating of his situation. Today Rolling Hills was able to help as well by making a significant dent in his overdue rent.

Jan 2011

Corey is a single mom who found herself in hard times. She recently landed a new job but due to financial hardship had fallen behind on rent. Although she was able to raise the majority of her back rent, her landlord was pressuring her for the balance. Rolling Hills was able to meet this need for her.

Jan 2011

Latonya is a single mom who quit her job in order to take care of her fiancé, who suffered a brain injury in a motorcycle accident. Due to the injury he needed 24-hour care, which she provided. He subsequently suffered a stroke, and after he was released from the hospital he went back to his family in North Carolina for care so Latonya could find work to support herself and two children.

The good news is that Latonya just started a new job. The bad news is that she was way behind on her rent. Although her landlord had been accommodating of her situation, she still needed to come up with the balance of her rent and late fees within a week to avoid eviction. Rolling Hills was able to meet this need for her.

Jan 2011

“Jane” is the mother of a local family who was recently diagnosed with cancer. She and her family have been involved in youth recreation for a number of years, not only supporting her two sons in their activities, but also by serving as a “team Mom” and serving the park the teams play at. Professionally, Jane works with disabled children, and had just started a new job as a teaching para-professional when she received her diagnosis.

As a result of her treatment, Jane and her family have been faced with significant medical bills, primarily because the insurance from her new job had not taken affect yet. Rolling Hills was able to take care of two of Jane’s bills, providing at least some temporary relief.

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