Our Missional Journal

Mar 2012

Catherine is a local resident who lives in a mobile home with her sister and their cousin, and soon her mother will join them as well. None of the ladies is able to work due to various medical issues, and support themselves off of their Social Security. Due to various circumstances they have had trouble making ends meet. The power company was threatening to turn off their power, and they were facing eviction if their overdue rent was not paid by March 6th.

Along with the Real Life Center, Fayette Samaritans, and St. Vincent De Paul, we were able to pay off the balance of Catherine’s bills and overdue rent.

Feb 2012

Steve and his family were facing eviction this week. He was laid off from work in January, and is struggling to make ends meet for his family of five. He and his wife have three young children. Although he has found a part-time job, the income hasn’t been enough to pay all the bills.

Along with the Real Life Center we were able to pay off the balance of Steve’s overdue rent and payment fees.

Feb 2012

Latoria is a single Mom of 3 (ages 13, 11 and 2) who recently moved here from Illinois with a friend. They all shared an apartment together, with her and the friend splitting the rent. Latoria was able to find steady work, but her friend was not, so she moved back to IL. Having to pay the full rent put her in financial hardship.

After doing everything she could to eliminate all unnecessary expenses, she was still unable to make ends meet. She was able to find less expensive housing, but needs to get through this last month at her current apartment.

Other relief agencies have already helped her this year, so could not help this time. So we pitched in and paid Latoria’s February rent.

Feb 2012


The Youth Group participated in a work day at the 180 Degree Farm on Saturday, working on making raised rows, adding compost to raised beds, and various other jobs that the farm needed done.

The 180 Degree Farm is an organic farm in Sharpsburg that donates a portion of their harvest to ministries that serve the Coweta/Fayette area as well as to those who are sick and financially unable to buy healthy, organically grown foods to help their bodies heal. To learn more about the 180 Degree Farm, visit their website at http://www.180degreefarm.org.

Jan 2012

Jennifer is unable to work due to severe seizures. Her case is bogged down in the disability process. Because of her illness, her brother and sister-in-law, and their two daughters moved in to help care for her. Jennifer’s brother works full time, but had health issues that kept him out of work for 12 days, putting them behind on their bills. When he is working, they barely make ends meet.

Jennifer was recently served with an eviction notice due to back rent. Along with the Real Life Center and St. Vincent de Paul, we were able to pay off the balance of Jennifer’s overdue rent and late payment fees.

Jan 2012

Jeff is a local resident who lives alone. He was laid off from work over a year ago, and his unemployment benefits have stopped. He is a blue collar laborer who has been able to pick up odd jobs here and there, but has had a tough time finding a steady job even though he has made several contacts.

Jeff was recently served with an eviction notice due to back rent. Along with the Real Life Center and the Salvation Army we were able to pay off the balance of Jeff’s overdue rent and late payment fees.

Dec 2011

T4T1 T4T2

Thanks to everyone who helped make our Toys-for-Tots event at Marnelle Mobile Home Park a great success. The wrapping party was huge – RHBC had a tremendous showing! And we needed it because we helped wrap approximately 1300 gifts. On Saturday morning we braved the chilly weather and helped serve hot chocolate and cookies, and assisted Marnelle management with getting kids through the Santa line to get a picture taken and receive their gifts.

A special thanks to our friends at Grace Evangelical Church who did all the leg work to make the event happen, and invited us to come along.

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