Our Missional Journal

Jul 2014

T is a young woman who lives alone. She is unable to read or write, but makes a living by babysitting and caring for adults who are unable to be left alone. She normally does fine making it month-to-month, but recent medical issues have prevented her from working, and she found herself unable to pay her rent. Although she did not want to ask for help, she had no other options. We were blessed to partner with the Real Life Center to pay her rent for her.

Jul 2014

C is a young single Mom of 3 (8, 5, 3) who needed help with her rent this month. She works part time and has been trying to find another job to help make ends meet. A recent hospitalization put an additional strain on her finances. She also recently prayed to receive Christ. Her landlord filed for eviction, and she had nowhere else to turn. We were blessed to partner with the Real Life Center to pay that for her.

Jul 2014


The youth group continued with their summer Monday Mission schedule this week by completing the second leg of their food drive for the Real Life Center. Two weeks ago they canvassed three Fayette County subdivisions (182 homes), handing out food drive fliers, empty grocery bags, and information on our church and the Real Life Center. Today they returned to those neighborhoods to collect the donated food. All the food collected was then delivered to the Real Life Center in Peachtree City to stock their food pantry. Approximately 30 bags of food were collected.

The Real Life Center is a non-profit organization that exists to help individuals and families from all walks of life who are facing unanticipated challenges by giving them a means to cope with the financial, emotional, and spiritual hardships of life. On average, the Real Life Center distributes over 70,000 lbs of food items every year to families in Fayette County. For more information on the Real Life Center, visit their website.

Jul 2014

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The youth group continued their summer Monday Mission schedule this week by assisting Grace Evangelical Church and the Real Life Center conduct a Mobile Food Pantry on the grounds of Grace Evangelical. They packed and distributed bags of grocery items provided by the Atlanta Food Bank. Approximately 144 needy Fayette County families were served.

Jul 2014


Joe Camp returned last weekend from Acuna, Mexico, where he led a team of 29 students and parents from Trinity Christian School on a 3-day house build for the Betancourt family. The family, which consisted of the parents, 3 children, 2 grandchildren, and an elderly friend, was all living in two very small buildings of mixed material that was in very poor condition. In 3 days Joe’s TCS team built them a new 3 room, 14’x30′ home for them to live in.

According to Joe, the family was exceptionally appreciative; demonstrating that by feeding the team after the build was completed on Thursday. The trip was an amazing success. We saw God work in the hearts of everyone involved with the project. Many of those that went expressed an interest in returning for a future opportunity to be used by God in this mighty way.

Jul 2014

R is a single Mom who lives with her 15 y/o son. She works full time and overtime to make ends meet, and does not like to ask for help. She is a believer, but her work schedule prohibits her from attending church regularly. Recently she was out of work for 2 weeks due to medical issues, resulting in her not being able to pay her June rent. Her landlord filed for eviction. In order to keep her out of court she had to pay 2 months of rent plus filing and court fees. We were blessed to partner with the Real Life Center and the United Way to pay that off for her.

Jul 2014

E is a military veteran who lives alone. He is widowed with no children, and has no extended family in the area. He has been out of work since February and was denied unemployment benefits. As a result, he had fallen behind on all of his bills and was 3 months behind on his rent. We were blessed to partner with the Real Life Center and the United Way to take care of all 3 months for him.

Jun 2014


We had a very successful day serving at Midwest Food Bank last Monday. We appreciate your willingness to serve, and to serve with compassion and a mission to compete the tasks given. We bagged up over 4100 starburst candies in bags of one hundred and 700+ bags of approx. 20-25 oz. of breakfast snacks in 2 hrs. 15 minutes! INCREDIBLE!

Jun 2014

P is a victim of domestic abuse who is trying to provide for two little girls, ages 6 and 1. Although the court awarded the husband custody of the youngest child, she lives with her mother because the husband doesn’t want her. She has a job, but recently lost her only source of transportation, so she can’t get to work and thus is not being paid. As a result she has fallen behind on her power bill and rent. We were blessed to partner with theReal Life Center to take care of those for her.

Jun 2014


The Youth Group, along with several adults, spent the afternoon with the kids at the GA Baptist Children’s Home, playing games and spending time with the kids. The trip to GBCH was a part of the youth’s Monday Mission summer schedule.

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