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Becoming God’s Best Friend


One man’s journey of hope.

You Can’t Always Get What You Want
Date: 2-19-17
What happens when my insufficiency is eclipsed by the all sufficiency of God.

Genesis 17:1-27

Helping God
Date: 2-5-17
The Bible is not a book of virtues. It is a book of gospel. It is a record of God’s intervening grace toward people who do not deserve it.

Genesis 16:1-16

Let’s Make a Deal
Date: 1-29-17
What happens when faith and anxiety intersect?

Genesis 15:1-20

Future Past.
Date: 1-22-17
You may feel far from God, but you are never out of His reach.  No matter the distance, and no matter the cost, the God of Abraham relentlessly pursues a relationship with you.

Genesis 14:1-24

Family Feud.
Date: 1-15-17
Forgetting yourself into greatness.

Genesis 13:1-18

Sermon audio not available.

Go. Set. Ready.
Date: 1-8-17
Why are you living the life you’re living now?

Genesis 11:27-12:4