Embedded Series


Embedded tile, long

Implanted. Ingrained. Immersed. Attached.
This was the strategy of Jesus.
This was the strategy of the early church.
This is our strategy too.

Everybody Everywhere
Date:  5-27-2018
“Whosoever” will may come…

Acts 11:1-18

Hog Heaven
Date:  5-20-2018
Choosing grace over race.

Acts 10:23

City of Refuge
Date:  5-13-2018
A place that could have been known for fear and pain is known, instead, for grace and mercy.

Acts 9:1-19

Chasing the Chariot
Date:  5-6-2018
When others don’t look like we do – talk like we do – behave like we do – or believe like we do…what do we do?

Acts 8:26-40

First Church
Date:  4-29-2018
What kind of church is God shopping for?

Acts 2:42-47

The Church on the 2nd Floor
Date:  4-22-2018
The church was not born in a worship service. The church was born in a prayer meeting.

Acts 1:12-14

The Love Boat
Date: 4-15-2018
The Father sends the Son. The Father and the Son send the Spirit. The Father, the Son and the Spirit send the Church.

Acts 1:8

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