Our Missional Journal

Feb 2014

S lives with his mother and his 12 year old son. He lost his job in December and has been looking for something since. He lives with his mom as a result of a broken marriage. S’s mom was also out of work until just recently. Although the new job will help with their finances in the long run, they were still overdue on their rent. We were blessed to take care of that bill for him.

Jan 2014

K and J are a local couple who live with their 11 year old daughter. They are usually able to make ends meet as both of them have full time jobs. However, due to medical problems J was forced to take a leave of absence from her job in order to have multiple surgeries. The loss of income caused them to fall behind on their rent, and they were in fear of being evicted. We were blessed to partner with the Real Life Center to take care of their overdue rent for them.

Jan 2014

B and H are a local couple with two young children. They have only lived in the area for about a year, and though they had little when they arrived, they have been working hard to make ends meet. About 3 weeks ago H was laid off from his job, and since he was the only one working, the loss of income put them behind. The power company was getting ready to turn off their electric if their past due bill wasn’t paid by Monday. We were blessed to be able to take care of that for them.

Jan 2014

Thanks to everyone who braved the wind and the cold to assist Grace Evangelical Church and the Real Life Center today in conducting a Mobile Food Pantry on the grounds of Grace Evangelical. Volunteers packed and distributed bags of grocery items provided by the Atlanta Food Bank. Approximately 145 needy Fayette County families were served.

Jan 2014

E is a senior who takes care of her 3 grandchildren, all of which are still in school. She is normally able to make ends meets on her very modest income, but she got behind due to higher than normal electric usage due to the cold weather, and a couple of unexpected expenses with the kids. Her electric had been cut off by the power company. We were blessed to partner with the Real Life Center to get the power turned back on and pay the balance of the overdue bill for her.

Jan 2014

S and her husband have two young children. Late last month her husband, and sole breadwinner of the family, became very sick, to the point where several of his organs started shutting down. He is still in ICU. As a result of the loss of income they could not pay their rent this month. We were blessed to take care of that for her.

Jan 2014

Mike Stout’s small group spent Friday evening in Griffin cooking for and serving 20 homeless men and women staying at the House of Hope homeless shelter. The House of Hope is a Salvation Army homeless shelter that provides emergency housing for men, women, and families. They are open 7 days/wk from 4:30pm-8:00am, and serve breakfast and dinner.

This is a great opportunity for small groups who want to engage in an important ministry that is relatively close to home. The shelter is always in need of help, particularly with feeding. If this is a ministry that interests you, contact the Missions Coordinator for more information.

Dec 2013


Thanks to everyone who contributed to the several gift collection/adopt-a-family events we had going on this month. We were blessed to help spread some Christmas cheer to several needy families in the local area.

The Youth Group, and the Lebby and Mercer adult small groups each sponsored families referred to us by the Pregnancy Resource Center. The Rider college-aged small group sponsored a needy family from the LaGrange area. The Stout small group sponsored a family referred to us by the Real Life Center. The Lebby family also purchased gifts for a needy local family who we helped with utilities.

Thank you to everyone for your generosity.

Dec 2013

P is a single Mom with two children, ages 8 and 10. She was recently laid off from her job after 10 years with the same company, and she has been struggling to make ends meet since. Her power was cut off and she did not have a way to pay her overdue bill. We were blessed to partner with the Real Life Center to get the power turned back on and pay the balance of the overdue bill for her.

Dec 2013

RHBC partnered with Crossroads Community Church and County Line Methodist Church on Friday evening to provide a Christmas dinner to the homeless of Griffin. Dinner was served on the street, at the House of Hope homeless shelter, and A Higher Calling transitional housing facility. Clothing and toiletry items were also handed out. The RHBC team consisted of Marilyn, Julie, and Pete. A total of approximately 150 men, women, and children were served in the effort.

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