“Yard Crashers” RHBC Style

Roger is a 50-something year old shut-in who lives in Haralson. He is legally blind and lives by himself in a mobile home that is in much need of repair, both inside and out. Although he tries his best to take care of things himself, he has not been able to stay on top of his yard work. Square Foot Ministries, one of our local organizations that has been helping Roger with repairs to his trailer, asked us if we could help with the outside work.

On Saturday, a squad of RHBC men (young and old) descended on Roger’s home with a tractor, bush hog, chain saws, mowers, and a myriad of yard tools and conducted our own version of “Yard Crashers.” After 2 hours of hard work, Roger’s yard was looking good as new. More importantly, we demonstrated to him through our work that GOD loves him.