Team Casas Build


A group of RHBC-ers participated in a Team Casas build in Juarez, Mexico this past week. Team Casas is different from a normal church trip in that the team is comprised of individuals from across the country that work on a small house together. On this trip there were folks from Joplin, Missouri, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, and Indiana.

Despite the heat (every day over 100), the build went very smoothly and quickly and the family we built for was very happy with their new home.

Unfortunately, the bad press Mexico receives is continuing to take it’s toll on the Casas organization. They are projecting only 150 builds for this year for Juarez, Acuna and Guatemala combined. As a result, Casas has had to lay off five staff members, and the waiting list for homes now exceeds two years.

Please continue to pray for Mexico and the Casas por Cristo staff. They are hard workers who are faithfully serving in one of the most poverty stricken areas on our continent.