Help with Rent

Karen is a young lady that was abused by her family and moved to this area after Katrina devestated their home. Her family is still in New Orleans, but she has no contact with them.

Karen lost her previous job and as a result fell into financial hardship. Several area organizations, to include the Real Life Center, Fayette Samaritans, and St. Vincent de Paul, helped pay her rent and utilities while she looked for new employment.

The good news is that she found a new job working 36-40 hours a week, and should be able to get back on her feet. The bad news is that she would not have received a paycheck before her rent is due for September. Although her landlord extended her rent due date, she would have been facing eviction if she did not pay her rent on time.

Rolling Hills was able to pay Karen’s rent for September, saving her from eviction and giving her a final boost out of financial trouble.